Custom Engineered
Belting Solutions


We offer a range of belting solutions and component products which meet the needs of this industry from pulp to paper to boxboard to printing. We also offer custom specified products which cater to your specific needs exactly. Durability and performance are guaranteed with all our products.


Belt Name Ts Abr Mm3 Max Temp Elong % Characteristics Suitability Material Eqvl grade Standards Applicable
Chempro 15 200 60 350 Resistant to Chemicals of Different Types Fertiliser and Other Chemicals Powdered Uma, Ammonium Sulphate, Common Salt etc. CR IS 1891 PART 3
Oilpro 15 175 60 300 Oil Resistant Oil Hazardous Oily Coal/Coke Grains, Fertilizers, etc. OR
Oilpro + 12 300 60 300 High oil resistant Oil Hazardous Recycling Waste, Refuse, Pinewood Etc. OR IS 1891 PART 3
Tempoil 15 200 100 400 Heat & oil resistant Coke and Fertiliser Hot & Oily Material OHR IS 1891 PART 3