Custom Engineered
Belting Solutions

Power Generation

The power generation industry requires products which are both dependable and high on performance. Plants remaining operational at all times require the best quality products and we have just this to offer. If it is belts, you can depend on our products to give you uncompromising performance beyond your expectations.


Belt Name Ts Abr Mm3 Max Temp Elong % Characteristics Suitability Material Eqvl grade Standards Applicable
LTSA Lower Tensile Super Abrasion 18 70 80 400 Lower Tensile Strength, Cutting, Gouge Resistance But Super abrasion Resistant Extremely Abrasive Lumps and Rugged Materials Metal & Iron Ore, Limestone, Glass Slag etc. A/ W/ SAR AS/DIN
HTMA Higher Tensile Medium Abrasion 24 150 80 450 High on Tensile Strength cutting & Gouge resistance Moderate Abrasion Resistant Sharp Large Lumps & Rugged Material High Impact Coal, Copper ore, etc. M-24 IS 1891
H th High Temperature 13 180 S: 125 M: 150 350 Higher Heat, Cut, Abrasion & tear Resistant High Temperature Material Hot cement, Sintered Ore, Chemicals & Ore, Fertilisers HR T 2 IS 1891
U th Ultra High Temperature 10 180 S:180 350 Excellent Heat Resistant & higher, Cut abrasion tear Resistant Extremely High Temperature Material HR T 3 UHR NIRT