Custom Engineered
Belting Solutions


We are aware of the importance of conveyor products in the coal mining industry and have taken every step to ensure safe and systematic running of machineries. Coal dust and spillage is a challenge and we have introduced sophisticated conveyor technology to improve productivity and to put your concerns to rest.


Belt Name Ts Abr Mm3 Max Temp Elong % Characteristics Suitability Material Eqvl grade Standards Applicable
LTHA Lower Tensile
Higher Abrasion
17 200 80 400 Lower Tensile Strength, lesser Cuttling,
gouge & Abrasion resistant
Powdery Material Coal, Ash, Cement etc. N-17 IS 1891
LTMA Lower Tensile Medium Abrasion 17 150 80 400 Lower Tensile Strength, Cutting, Gouge
& resistenace But Highly abrasion Resistant
Lumps and Rugged
Material etc
Coal, Alumnia, Ash, Cement etc N AS